New Spring Sports

“We are excited about our new opportunities!” said Rod Roberson, District Director of Co-Curricular Programming. This spring Elkhart Community Schools introduced club Lacrosse to the High Schools. “The support and excitement from the students has been overwhelming. As for their first season, the boys team has already had their first wins!”

At the elementary schools, the fifth and sixth grade boys are gearing up for their first season of boy’s volleyball. Goshen College men’s volleyball team partnered with us to provide a skills clinic which provided the students with a basic understanding of the game, skills to practice, and build excitement around the new sport. Boy’s volleyball will be introduced to the middle schools in the 2018-2019 school year and high school for the 2019-2020 season.

This spring will also bring the introduction of archery, crew and e-sports. Archery will be introduced in PE classes across the district. You will begin to see news of archery club for all elementary, middle school and high school students by the end of the school year. Crew will be introduced through a Kick-Off this spring, followed by more opportunities for participation this fall. The joint Memorial and Central boys and girls crew team will consist of 9 students on each team. E-sports, a multiplayer video game competition, will also be introduced to students this spring. Students will have opportunities to earn scholarships while competing against other regional teams.

Roberson states that we currently have 14-15% of our students participating in sports in our schools. With more options and opportunities provided to our students he would like to see 30-40% participation. “There is a lot of room for growth and more interest to be found, we just need to provide it.”