District Spelling Bee

On May 21, students from around the district participated in the first district-wide spelling bee.

Coming out on top in the individual competition were:

  1. Maya Ballinger, Mary Feeser
  2. Erick Becerra Valdes, Mary Feeser
  3. Christian Bloch, Roosevelt

Leading the team competition were:

  1. Mary Feeser
  2. Pinewood
  3. Roosevelt STEAM Academy

Each elementary school in the district was encouraged to invite five participants from their school to participate in the individual and team spelling challenge. Many of the schools hosted school spelling bees to nominate participants.

The district-wide event was coordinated by Elkhart Memorial High School teacher Julie Tyrakowski, “I think we, as a district, do a great job of offering athletic competitions. Not all students are athletes. I think it’s important to offer healthy, inter-school academic competitions, as well. There are already a few IASP [Indiana Association of School Principals] competitions, but not all schools participate, and there is a cost associated with them. This district spelling bee gives students a free opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and hard work outside of the classroom.”

Tyrakowski hopes students gain much through their participation. “Through practicing, students will gain more understanding of commitment, dedication, teamwork, and knowledge,” said Tyrakowski. “Learning words for spelling bees is more than just the spelling. Learning a work includes learning the origin, homophones, and pronunciations. Learning the origins of a word can open the world of science, foreign language, math, and more. A strong understanding of word origins gives students a stronger foundation of all of the romance languages.”

Thank you to Elkhart Memorial High School for hosting the event, as well as the many people who helped make the event possible for our students: our incredible teachers and school staff who helped students practice and hosted building events, our building administrators for helping get the word out to students, and especially to Mr. Jeff Komins, Dr. Robert Woods, and Mr. Alex Holtz for helping make the district-wide event possible.