Graduation walks provide a step back in time

The class of 2018 has had a unique opportunity to take a walk down memory lane. Many of our seniors have had a chance to visit their elementary and middle schools dressed in their cap and gowns.

The graduating seniors are greeted with cheers, clapping, and high fives by students and staff. As they walk the halls they saw many familiar faces, some of which taught them to read, write, how to walk quietly in line and even how to navigate passing periods.

For the younger students, it may be hard to look ahead far enough to see themselves wearing a cap and gown, but they are in awe as they watch their siblings, neighbors, and friends visiting their school.

The teachers are able to take this opportunity to see how far their students have come, to bring out old classroom yearbook photos, compare the seniors to the students they remembered, and wish them good luck with their future plans. For the seniors it is a chance to take a selfie with their favorite teacher, revisit their classroom and walk through years of memories.

We wish all of the class of 2018 the very best!