Elementary field trips through the years

As we embark on the first few months of the school years, which includes the first of our field trips, we take a look back at some of our staff’s favorite field trips as Elkhart Community Schools elementary students.

I went to the Museum of Science and Industry in sixth grade at Osolo Elementary, I have a fond memory of many of the exhibits.
-Angie Platz

Ruthmere Museum was the most memorable, I still remember it today. It was cool to learn about the history of Elkhart and how important people like the Beardsley family shaped the city into what it is today. Fifth grade, Roosevelt Elementary (original Roosevelt)
-Jeff Miller

I remember walking down to Wray’s Ice Cream when I was a student at Roosevelt.
-Mark Mow

When I was in first grade at Bristol, we took a charter bus to the Lincoln Zoo. It was the best trip!
-Charrell Stevens

I went to the Robert Young Railroad yard. We learned about how the trains operated and got to go up in the tower. Hawthorne Elementary School, 3rd Grade
-Rose Bloss

I remember walking across the street to the bakery from Roosevelt Elementary School and getting cookies. 1st grade
-Wendy Wood

The Potawatomi zoo was my favorite, I remember when I was little thinking the animals were cute and fuzzy looking.
-Heather Penney

I remember going to Ronzone’s Bakery and making donuts.
-Jill Barfell

I definitely remember going to the Water Treatment Plant and to Cook Nuclear Plant as a student at Woodland, but I don’t remember much about the trips!
-Daphne Waits

I went to Kercher’s Apple Orchard in Goshen. I was in 6th grade in Mr. Holderman’s class at Osolo Elementary.
-Lisa Iavagnilio

Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, it was a big trip and fun zoo! Pinewood Elementary, 5th or 6th grade.
-Betsy Delks