Designing a Corn Maze

Since the beginning of this school year, students in Britney Goff’s and Gio Ponciano’s fourth grade classroom have been using technology to re-imagine and redesign the corn maze at Kercher’s Sunrise Orchards.

Students on iPads building a corn maze

“As a Project Based Learning activity, our students have the task of redesigning the Kercher’s corn maze,” said Goff. “Along with the corn maze, they have to come up with new facts about pumpkins, apples, and corn, along with creating some ‘corny’ jokes to have along the path.”

Students are using Minecraft to help build the new maze.

Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is a child’s imagination. Through the classroom’s use of Minecraft, students can collaborate with their classmates, share digital resources, communicate their strategies, and present their success.

Students on iPads building a corn maze

In addition to the use of Minecraft to build a maze layout, students are using technology to research, read, write, do math, and more.

“We also utilized technology for reading passages for main idea and details, along with building background knowledge,” said Goff. “We’ve incorporated research and writing through the questions and corny jokes. The students have used technology to find the facts on pumpkins, apples, and corn. Once they found the facts, they had to take them and change them into question format for the maze trivia questions.”

It’s a project that’s been well-received by the students.

Students on iPads building a corn maze

“The students love working on this project and ask to work on it all the time,” said Goff. “We took a few students out at the beginning of the project to do some recon. We have a field trip planned for October 30, where we’ll have a few students present their projects to Mrs. Kercher.”

While the students are currently focused on the corn maze, they have their eyes set on possible future uses of Minecraft, including redesigning scenes from stories using the technology.