When Music Theory meets iPad

When we think of music and iPads, our minds likely turn toward YouTube and Spotify. For students in Kyle Miller’s orchestra class at Pierre Moran Middle School, iPads are a tool for building their knowledge of the very fundamentals of music through an interactive website and app, via musictheory.net.

“Music theory is the fundamentals of music,” said Kyle Miller. “We are studying the elements of music like pitch identification, rhythmic notation, key signatures, time signatures, and more.”

Music on an iPad

The study of Music Theory is just one part of Miller’s orchestra class, but it’s something that beginning orchestra students are enjoying, thanks in part to the interactive use with their iPads.

“I think this is a good way to learn,” said Pierre Moran seventh grader Makenah Romanetz. “I like using the iPads for orchestra because we get to see our scores and improve on them. We take tests on them and practice learning our notes, sharps, and flats. I think using the iPads helps us improve.”

Orchestra student with iPad

“Students like using the iPads for note identification because they can practice any time, and the technology is very accessible,” said Miller. “Students get immediate feedback on their knowledge, and they can track their data and progress. It is much faster than giving a pen/paper practice sheet, quiz, or test, and the students like the challenge.”

Middle school students who enjoy Music Theory will have the opportunity to continue studying it in high school through a semester-long class on the subject, or through Advanced Placement Music Theory.

Orchestra student with iPad