Steve Thalheimer, Superintendent of Schools

I have always considered myself a teacher. In any role I have assumed in education, I have viewed it as an opportunity to work alongside students, staff, parents, school boards, community members, legislators, and policy makers to help all stakeholders understand public education, to strive for  the potential in all students, and to promote organizational growth. With so many notions out there of what education means, it is vital to me that we tell our story and make sure everyone understands the critical function we have in society.

I am excited to take on this role as superintendent of Elkhart Community Schools because of the opportunities I see for this district of dedicated people working hard for students in a creative and engaged city. Having lived in Elkhart County for 11 ½ years as the superintendent of Fairfield Schools, I know that a strong Elkhart County depends on a strong Elkhart. Public schools and their quality of education are the heart of any community, and I intend to help Elkhart Community Schools hone our mission, communicate better internally and externally, and fulfill our promise to the community. I don’t have any magic bullets to affect things immediately, but I do vow to listen, learn, and lead in ways that value the positive work already in place. I will ask a lot of questions, and I will take time to hear from constituent groups. I firmly believe in educating the entire child, meeting each student’s academic goals and need for belongingness, while also helping him or her to refine goals and attain personal aspirations no matter where they are in their education journey. Additionally, I believe that teachers, support staff, and administrators who do this hard work need to be supported with professional development, implementation of best practices, and fair compensation. I will work hard over the next months to get my feet under me quickly so I can move forward on further developing a school district where learning for everyone— adults and students alike— truly has no limits. I look forward to partnering with you to ensure every child has the best opportunities for success at Elkhart Community Schools. Thank you for your continued support of our schools and community.

-Steve Thalheimer