Kindergarten Registration Information

Kindergarten Registration Information Each year, our 14 elementary schools have the honor of welcoming around 1,000 new students to their educational home. Our youngest students bring an eagerness and enthusiasm that is a daily inspiration to all of us at Elkhart Community Schools. Here is a run-down of the most important [...]

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Solo & Ensemble Results 2019

Solo & Ensemble Results 2019 Orchestra performers who received a “Gold” rating in the solo category: Viola: Rachel Delauente Violin: Bianca Helfrich, Jeremiah Fisher, La'Roy Fisher, Sam Schweinzger, Casey Tweedy, Josie McCormick Orchestra performers who received a “Gold” rating in the ensemble category were: Rachel Delauente-viola, Bianca Helfrich-violin, Jeremiah Fisher-violin, La'Roy Fisher-violin, Sam Schweinzger-violin, Casey [...]

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Giving Back

Giving Back November and the beginning of December, students at Monger Elementary worked together to fill Salvation Army baskets. “I think it’s important to give back because these small gestures of giving back can make a huge difference in someone’s life,” said Jessica Moreno, Monger teacher. “A lot of us take for granted what [...]

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Perspective: Jacquie Rost, Athletic Director

Perspective: Jacquie Rost, Athletic Director Because I started my journey in education as an English teacher, I have always been enamored by the written word and the impact it can have on people who choose to examine and reflect on what those words mean. In my early years as a coach, I took my [...]

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ECS announces superintendent selection

ECS announces superintendent selection November 20, 2018 – Elkhart, IN – Elkhart Community Schools is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Steve Thalheimer as the next Superintendent of Schools for Elkhart Community Schools. After an extensive search, the Elkhart Community Schools Board of School Trustees selected Thalheimer for his proven excellence as an [...]

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PTO: Pathway to Involvement

PTO: Pathway to Involvement At each of the elementary schools at ECS, you’ll find a hardworking, dedicated group of adults who are committed to supporting the partnership between families and schools, through PTOs (parent teacher organizations, also referred to as PTAs: parent teacher association, or PACs: parent activity council). Each of them shares the [...]

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New face brings new life to CARES

New face brings new life to CARES Earlier this year, Elkhart Community Schools welcomed Diane Lucchese as the CARES Volunteer Coordinator. CARES is a long-standing Elkhart Community Schools mentoring program that partners a community member with a child. For the past few years, CARES has focused on literacy in partnership with the United Way. [...]

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PTO: The Power of PTOs

PTO: The Power of PTOs Earlier this month, Mary Feeser PTO president Julie Tyrakowski had an idea. Every December, at Mary Feeser, and at many schools throughout the district, students collect items like non-perishable food and toiletries to help other ECS schools in need. “The student council at Mary Feeser usually coordinates a food [...]

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Perspective – Mark Mow “Welcome Back”

Perspective – Mark Mow “Welcome Back” This time of year, we hear the phrase “welcome back” quite a bit. We welcome our staff, our students, our parents, and our community back to our schools for an exciting new year of learning, growth, and friendship. For me personally, the phrase “welcome back” carries a special [...]

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