Career Pathways

Career Pathway models have been created to offer guidance for students and their families to the benefits of attending EACC programming.  Our two-part model helps to provide guidance for students beginning in eighth grade and offers information detailing careers related to the specific program.  

The Pathway portion helps to communicate classes a student should consider from eighth grade through their sophomore year to provide the necessary background information for success in an EACC program.  These models are meant as a guidance tool and does not mean a student could not be successful if the plan is not followed closely.  Dual credit courses at the high school and EACC are printed in red for identification to those early college opportunities.  Lastly, industry recognized certifications are articulated on the Pathway model to provide further guidance as to the career preparation offered through EACC programming.  

The Career Growth portion outlines careers associated with EACC programming.  Career titles, expected job growth, median incomes, degree needed, and necessary skills are detailed according to national, state, and local data.  Hyperlinks in the degree needed sections provide direct access to state post-secondary institutions so that families can see the relationship between dual credit being earned at the high school level and work needed to complete necessary certifications or degrees.

Career and Technical Education Career Guide

Course Description Guide

Graduation Pathways 2021-2022

Indiana’s Promoted Industry Certifications


Specific Career Pathways

Specific Career Growth