Business Partners

The EACC would like to recognize our business partners who ensure our students and the programming they receive provides meaningful learning experiences.  The mission of the EACC would not be possible without our numerous partners throughout the community.  We are able to offer relevant work-based learning opportunities and future employment to our graduates through our business partners.  Programming receives resources and technology that help create real world learning experiences from our businesses.  Additionally, they help serve on advisory boards that shape our curriculum to ensure students are receiving training and education that fits the current needs of industry.

Our business partners are also actively involved in the three major events that EACC hosts every year.  These events are the Employability Skills Panel discussions, which focus on 21st Century skills; our Mock Interview Day, which allows our students to practice their interviewing skills and get immediate feedback from their interviewer; and our Job Fair, which is open to all juniors and seniors at EACC.  Our business partners also critique the students’ résumés and cover letters prior to the mock interviews.

Thank you to our business partners!