Project Based Learning

Project-Based Learning

A primary focus and method for delivering instruction at the EACC is the utilization of Project-Based Learning (PBL).  Through PBL students are presented with real-world problems that they may face in their chosen career pathway.  Instructors present these real-world scenarios and minimal directions and then students utilize skills they have acquired through their program to find solutions.  Many of our PBL projects have been developed with support from our business partners and help students apply higher order thinking skills that will be needed in the field.  

Below we have provided sample PBL projects created by EACC instructors and utilized in their programs.  Additionally, the EACC has developed its own training methods and vocabulary to help support instructor’s growth in the PBL process.  Our  EACC training manual can also be found below.

Sample Projects

Create a Health Care Facility

Dietary Dilemma

Food Truck

No Dead Zone Here-Designing a Wireless Network

Restaurant Shark Tank



EACC Project Based Learning Training Manual

EACC Project-Based CTE Template