Scholarship Information

The following links contain Scholarship opportunities and information. Please check back often, as these links will be updated regularly.

Maestro Cares Foundation Scholarship

Due May 31; $3000 award

For high-achieving Latino students with demonstrated academic achievement, financial need, and proof of prior dedication to charitable/volunteer work.

Due Jun 5; $5000 award
This scholarship is for an LGBTQ student who plans to pursue a career in journalism, and supports the mission of fair and accurate coverage of the LGBTQ community. The applicant must demonstrate understanding of issues facing the LGBTQ community, include five work samples, and publish a multimedia news story to Tumblr as part of the application.
Due Jun 15; $1000 award
For a student with GPA 3.0+ who plans to major in business, statistics, hospitality, or spa management, in order to pursue a career in hospitality. For the application, the student will need to write an essay related to family vacations, hospitality, or their career plans; as well as include two letters of recommendation.
Due Jun 21; $500 award; 2 recipients
For students with GPA 3.0+, an essay contest on the topic: “How medical equipment technology has changed college coursework/curriculum.” Applications must be sent via postal mail.
Due Jun 28; $10,000 award; 5 recipients
Students must design and implement a community improvement project, and then submit multimedia (photos, videos, interviews, and write-ups) about the process and its impact. Five students will receive $10k tuition scholarships, and the top-prize winner will receive an additional $5k towards the community project.
Due Jun 30; $150 award
Broad eligibility scholarship that requires just one short essay (100-300 words) reflecting on what the student has accomplished this school year and what their ambitions are for the school year to come.
Due Jun 30; $1500 award
Scholarship for students with GPA 3.0+ with the application essay question: “Why is having a higher education important?” Students must also submit financial info, a resumé, recommendation letters, and a transcript.
Due Jun 30; $1000-$5000 award; Multiple recipients
Scholarship for Asian-American students pursuing careers in entrepreneurship.
Due Jun 30; $500-5000 award; Multiple recipients
Scholarship for Korean-American students who have academic/personal achievement and are engaged in community/civic service.
Due Jun 30; $5000 award; multiple recipients
Scholarship for incoming freshmen planning to major in business or accounting. Winners must show academic success and active participation in their communities (via extracurriculars or community service).
Due Jul 15; $1000 award; 15 recipients
Scholarships for minority students underrepresented in chemical engineering. Applicants must plan to enroll in a four-year college and major in a science or engineering degree (with preference given to chemical engineering).
Due Jul 20; $1000 award
Scholarship for a student who plans to pursue an arts-related major or minor.
Due Aug 1; $250-$1000 award; 3 recipients
Scholarship for high school or college students who care about making a positive impact. Applicants must write an essay on: “What kind of global impact project is most critical for you to focus on and why, and what is your plan to make an impact in the next year and beyond?”
Due Sep 1; $1000 award; 2 recipients
Essay contest on how you think climate change will impact future generations.
Due Sep 15; $2000 award; 2 recipients
For a female student who wants to start her own online business. Financial need and academic performance are not important.