School Information

Located on the far east edge of Elkhart, Eastwood Elementary is a small school that is warm and welcoming. This sense of community and family can be felt the minute you enter the building. The caring staff is like a large extended family, providing students, parents, and one another with support, acceptance, and encouragement. Students at Eastwood are supported not only by teachers and school administrators, but also by the strong PTA, volunteer base and CARES mentors.


School Hours

At Eastwood, school is in session from 8:35am to 3:35pm Monday-Friday. Eastwood’s office hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.


School Address

Eastwood is located on County Road 15, between Bristol Street and County Road 6. Eastwood’s physical address is 2605 County Road 15, Elkhart, IN 46514.


Staff Directory

Office Staff
Mrs. Victoria Hays – Principal
Mrs. Jennifer Dennis – Academic Dean
Mrs. Barb Rosenberry – Secretary
Mrs. Nicole Stutsman – Assistant Secretary
Ms. Laura Miller – Nurse
Ms. Ashley Fehlberg – Social Worker
Mrs. Lindsey Brander – Director of Sp.Prog.
Mrs. Sarah Castleman-Supervisor of Cafeteria
Mrs. Marva Taylor-Head Custodian
Mrs. Caddabra Brown – Psychologist
Mrs. Aanika Papet
Mrs. Kim Haas
Mrs. Peggy DeLanghe
1st Grade
Ms. Megan Yoder
Mrs. Victoria Culp
Ms. Michelle Bohlmann
2nd Grade
Ms. Taylor Sotebeer
Mr. Victor Muniz
Ms. Cambria Rief
3rd Grade
Ms. Denise Demeter
Mrs. Billie Jo Etchason
Mrs. Andrea Welles
4th Grade
Mrs. Evelyn Muniz
Ms. Elizabeth Ordonez
Mrs. Alicia Elbert
5th Grade
Mrs. Lora Mulstay
Mrs. Megan Gutierrez
Mrs. Nicole Gernand
6th Grade
Mrs. Michelle Holderman
Ms. Deb Frost
Mrs. Nicole Harris
Special Areas & Special Education
Mrs. Erin Buczkowski-Mild SPED Grades K-3
Mrs. Christina Herrick-Mild SPED-Grades 4-6
Mrs. Meghan Brantl-Intense Interventions-SPED
Ms. Carrie Conway-Intense Interventions-SPED
Mr. Christopher Hipsher-Mild Interventions ED
Ms. Sara Nelson – ENL
Mrs. April Sherwood-Library
Mr. Ted Miller – Art
Mr. Endesha Bonner- PE
Ms. Anne Buckwalter – Music
Ms. Cesilia Celestino – Computer Lab
Ms. Danielle Newcombe – Speech
ABA Services
Mrs. Jessica Mattke – BCBA
Ms. Ashley Fogarty – RBT


Supply Lists

Eastwood’s school supply lists


PTA Information

Eastwood welcomes parental involvement in our school in many ways. One opportunity for parents to become involved is through our PTA. For information on Eastwood’s PTA, visit the Eastwood PTA Facebook Group page or email

PTA Calendar of Events:

August 17th – First Day of School (in person-A group, eLearning-B group)

September 3rd – September PTA Meeting: Eastwood South Parking lot 6:30PM

September 6th- Mum Fundraiser Delivery

October 8th – October PTA Meeting: Eastwood South Parking lot 6:30PM

October 19th-21st – Parent/Teacher Conferences (19th/20th-full day for students, 21st-eLearning for all students)

October 22nd-25th – Fall Recess–No School

November 5th – November PTA Meeting: Eastwood South Parking lot 6:30PM

November 25th-27th – Thanksgiving Break

December 1st – December PTA Meeting: Eastwood South Parking lot 6:30PM

December 21st-January 1st – Winter Recess

January 7th – January PTA Meeting: Eastwood South Parking lot 6:30PM

January 18th – Martin Luther King Day–No School

TBD – School Pictures

February 4th – February PTA Meeting: Eastwood South Parking lot 6:30PM

February 12th-15th – President’s Day Recess–No School

TBD – Spring Book Fair

March 4th – March PTA Meeting: Eastwood South Parking lot 6:30PM

April 2nd- No School

April 5th-9th – Spring Break

April 15th – Kindergarten Round Up

April 22nd – April PTA Meeting: Eastwood South Parking lot 6:30PM

May 5th – May PTA Meeting: Eastwood Parking lot 6:30PM

TBD – 6th Grade Recognition

June 1st – Field Day

June 1st – 6th Grade Student Party

June 3rd – Last Day of School


**This calendar is subject to change.  PTA will do their best to notify of any changes made in advance**





Eastwood PTA Officers:

  • Adrienne Dickey – President
  • Jeremy Stone – Vice President
  • Rachel Sotebeer – Secretary
  • Carrie Philpot – Treasurer


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School Improvement Plan

To see our full Eastwood School Improvement Plan, please click here: Eastwood School Improvement Plan.