From the Indiana Department of Education
“eLearning Days may be used on a day when school is cancelled, as a planned day, or as a make up day when a day of school was missed. There are a variety of reasons a school/corporation would use an eLearning Day. These include, but are not limited to, snow or other inclement weather, professional development, parent conferences, widespread illness, and flooding. School corporations must still meet the IDOE criteria, fill out an online application, and receive approval from the IDOE Office of eLearning in order to utilize eLearning Days.”

There are different categories of eLearning Days the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) allows school districts to use. The first type is for unscheduled inclement weather days and allows the school corporation to count “snow days” as an academic day. A second type is a pre-scheduled eLearning Day where students learn digitally at home while teachers come to school for collaboration, curriculum writing and/or professional development.

Teachers will be available during the day to answer students questions and provide support during specific “office hours” outside of professional development and curriculum work.  Students will be able to contact their teachers through email, Canvas, Seesaw and phone during these office hours.

ALL students will have the opportunity to take their devices home the night before a scheduled eLearning day and will be expected to return to school the following day with their device.


What will students do on eLearning days?
Students will be participating in learning activities that mirror the work that they would be doing in the classroom.  Secondary students will use the district’s learning management system, Canvas, to communicate with their teachers, see their assignments and access resources.  Elementary students will use a digital portfolio app Seesaw to complete their work.

What will Elkhart employees do during eLearning days?
All Elkhart employees will be participating in professional development and curriculum development during scheduled eLearning days.

How will students without internet complete their assignments?
Students will be able to download their assignments before they leave school, work on their iPads without internet and then upload their assignments when they return to school the following day.

The school district will also provide a list of locations in the community where free WiFi is accessible, should students want to collaborate with other students or access online material.

Will accommodations be available to students identified with special learning needs?
All students who have accommodations for instruction will be provided with or have access to accommodations as outlined in their Individual Education Program (IEP), Individual Learning Plan (ILP) or a Section 504 Plan.  For students with disabilities who do not use an online platform for learning or whom an outline platform is not appropriate, appropriate educational materials and learning activities will be provided.

Do students with identified special learning needs have an alternative means to access their education on eLearning days?
Yes. Supports, services and accommodations for students with an Individual Education Program (IEP), Individual Learning Plan (ILP) or a Section 504 Plan are reviewed, discussed and agreed upon at the student’s case conference committee meeting or a Section 504 meeting.

Why scheduled eLearning days?
All Elkhart employees need opportunities to meet, collaborate and learn but the typical school day does not provide adequate time for these important activities. Scheduled eLearning days will provide Elkhart employees with much needed time to collaborate and learn, to maximize their impact on student learning.


Please visit our eLearning FAQs page for additional questions and answers.