• The athletic programs at Elkhart Community Schools offer opportunities for students to grow socially and emotionally. Athletics help students build confidence in themselves and learn to rely on and cooperate with their teammates. Yet athletics benefit not only the students, but also the entire community. Sporting events are places where people gather to support their own children’s efforts, to cheer on their neighbors’ children, or just to meet with their friends and watch some good athletic competition. In that way, Elkhart Community Schools’ athletics are one of the many elements at the heart of our community.
  • Team sports begin at the elementary level and continue on through the middle-school to the high-school division. The elementary athletic program is built upon the philosophy that any interested student may participate. Nine different sports are offered for boys and girls.
  • Unlike the elementary division, coaches at the middle-school level increasingly emphasize the cultivation of students’ skills. Middle schools provide ten sports from which students may choose.
  • Integrating the approaches of the elementary and middle school programs, high-school athletics focus upon both skill development and teamwork. Twenty different sports programs compete for student participation at the high-school level.