Board of School Trustees Vacancy

Letters of interest and resumes were due to the corporation office by 4:00pm on Friday, June 18, 2021.

All candidates will be asked to give a 3-minute introduction at the public work session on June 22 at 6:00pm prior to the board meeting. The board will then narrow the candidates to a smaller pool for interview. Selected candidates will interview at an executive session the morning of June 28. The board will vote on appointment of the new member at the July 13 board meeting and the appointee will immediately be sworn in.

According to Indiana law, when a vacancy occurs on a school board, the remaining board members have 30 days from the time of the vacating member’s resignation to seek applicants for the position and vote someone to the seat. If a majority of the board does not vote to approve an appointment within the 30 days, the circuit court judge names the appointee.

Board of School Trustees

Elkhart Community Schools is led under the direction of the Board of School Trustees, commonly referred to as the “school board.” The ECS school board is comprised of seven members from four districts, elected by registered voters living within the boundaries of Elkhart Community Schools. ECS Trustees serve 4-year terms that begin in January, following a November election. The Board’s main function is to oversee the operation of the school corporation and to promote continuous student improvement.

The Board of School Trustees is responsible for developing the policies by which our school system operates. It acts upon recommendations made by the superintendent and staff on a wide variety of matters including hiring personnel, developing the annual budget, authorizing the spending of funds, reviewing and revising curriculum, and other school issues. No one person or group of persons may act in the name of the board. For an item to become official, a majority of the board must vote in favor of the motion during an official public meeting.

Agendas for public meetings are available for your information (see below). Board members receive the agenda and supporting documents well in advance of each meeting so they can study the materials and be prepared to make decisions. Members of the community are encouraged to attend and welcome to speak at board meetings, as described below.

If you wish to contact any member of the Board of School Trustees, please contact the board secretary at 574-262-5506.

Roscoe Enfield
Roscoe L.  Enfield Jr.
President, District B
Current term: 2019-2022

Dacey Davis
Dacey S. Davis
Vice President, District D
Current term: 2021-2024

Susan Daiber, Board Vice President
Susan C. Daiber
Secretary, District A
Current term: 2021-2024

Babette Boling
Babette S. Boling
Member, At-Large
Current term: 2019-2022

Kellie Mullins
Kellie L. Mullins
Member, At-Large
Current term: 2019-2022

Troy Scott
Troy E. Scott
Member, At-Large
Current term: 2021-2024

Doug Weaver
Douglas K. Weaver
Member, District C
Current term: 2021-2024