Compliance Information


  • IC-20-26-5-4 Compliance Info
    • IC 20-26-5-4.7
      Internet posting of contract provisions for certain employees
          Sec. 4.7. (a) This section does not apply to a:
      (1) superintendent of a school corporation; or
      (2) certificated employee (as defined in IC 20-29-2-4) that is represented by an exclusive representative (as defined in IC 20-29-2-9) under IC 20-29.
      (b) The superintendent shall post the provisions of an employment contract that the school corporation enters into with a certificated employee on the school corporation’s Internet web site.
      As added by P.L.148-2012, SEC.3.
    • Pursuant to Indiana Code 20-26-5-4.7, the Elkhart Community Schools posts hereunder the contract provisions of its Superintendent and certain employees. For questions or additional information, please contact Douglas Thorne, Chief of Staff and District Counsel.