403(b) Toolkit

  • 403(b) Information
  • Process to ADD or CHANGE your 403b Contribution or Investment Vendor:
    1. Meet with the 403b financial representative of your choice from the list below.
    2. Complete ENROLLMENT documents to open an investment account directly with a financial representative.
    3. Decide how much you want to contribute to your 403b account (You must enter an “Amount Per Pay.” Entering a percentage is not accepted.).
    4. Download a Salary Reduction Agreement.
    5. Complete the form.
    6. Deliver the form to Valerie Moore at the Educational Services Center by the appropriate deadline listed below. Do not send this form directly to the OMNI Group.
Quarterly Deadlines for 403(b) Contribution Changes
     1st Quarter Salary Reduction Agreement Forms Due: December 1st, 2021
          403(b) Changes on Payroll: January 7th, 2022
     2nd Quarter:
          Salary Reduction Agreement Forms Due: March 1st, 2022
          403(b) Changes on Payroll: April 1st, 2022
     3rd Quarter:
          Salary Reduction Agreement Forms Due: June 1st, 2022
          403(b) Changes on Payroll: July 8th, 2022
      4th Quarter:
           Salary Reduction Agreement Forms Due: September 1, 2022
           403(b) Changes on Payroll: October 14th, 2022
  • Approved Vendors

    • Aspire Financial (mutual funds only)
    • Met Life (mutual funds and annuities)
        • Rick Levy, 317-818-4673
        • Kelly Weaver, 219-462-6381
    • VALIC, a member of AIG retirement services (mutual funds and annuities)

    Third Party Administrator

    • The OMNI Group Customer Care Center: 877-544-6664
    • Hours: 7:30am to 6:00pm, Monday-Friday
    • The OMNI Group, U.S. OMNI 220 Alexander Street, Suite 400 Rochester, NY 14607
  • 403(b) Enrollment Opportunity
    • Roth 403(b) investment now available within the ECS 403(b) plan that allows after-tax contributions to your 403(b) investment and tax-free withdrawal after holding the Roth for five years and meeting IRS eligibility requirements. Ask your financial advisor if this is right for you!
    • Open Enrollment Dates Are Now Quarterly:
      1. December 1, effective with first pay in January
      2. March 1, effective with first pay in April
      3. June 1, effective with first pay in July
      4. September 1, effective with first pay in October
  • Process to STOP your 403b Contribution:
    1. Download a Salary Reduction Agreement (see above).
    2. Complete Part 1,2,3 and sign at Part 5.
    3. In Part 3, list the vendor of the investment (Valic, Aspire, Metlife, etc.).
    4. Skip to “Amount” per pay and enter a ZERO.
  • Maximum Contribution Limits for 2022
    • Elective deferrals: $20,500.
    • Catch-up contributions for eligible employees over the age of 50: $6,500.
    • Total maximum contribution: $27,000.


  • ECS employees can submit the following forms online from the OMNI Group website:
    • Loans: complete an online OMNI request form and provide any current account statements that show TSA value/balance, loan history/balance.
    • Hardship Withdrawal (requires supporting documentation to accompany withdrawal request form):
      • Rules for this withdrawal is governed by the IRS safe harbor rules which specify general categories of need to be eligible as follows:
        • Prevention of foreclosure/eviction from principal residence
        • College tuition
        • Medical expenses
        • Expenses related to the purchase of a home
        • Funeral expenses for a family member
        • Uninsured repairs/expenses to the home due to theft, storm, or other casualty
    • Distributions:
      • Send the service provider’s distribution forms to The OMNI Group for approval.
    • Transfers, Exchanges and Rollovers:
      • Forms required for moving your annuity investments between providers:
        • Old Provider – you will always need a form from the old annuity provider that will allow you to “transfer out” money to a new provider.
        • New Provider – some new providers will also have forms that you will need to fill out to “transfer in” from an old provider.
        • Both of these forms will require signatures:
          • Of the Third Party Administrator (the OMNI Group) who approves the transfer and evaluates whether or not it is allowed per the 403b plan document;
          • Of the representative of your current investment provider (i.e., MetLife, ING, or 403(b)ASP),
          • Of the account holder. Your current representative should be facilitating this paperwork and advising you about the signatures required and whether the old provider will accept faxed copies OR will require ORIGINAL signatures on the paperwork. If the old providers require original signatures, you should over-night the documents to the OMNI Group with instructions that the providers require “original documents.”  The over-night address for The OMNI Group is noted below.
    • If the forms don’t require ORIGINAL signatures, you may fax them directly to The OMNI Group at 585-756-5557. The OMNI Group’s customer service number is 877-544-6664.
    • The OMNI Group will require 14 days to process these requests. ALWAYS KEEP A COPY OF SUBMITTED PAPERWORK FOR YOUR FILES. Questions? Call Valerie Moore at 574-262-5537.