EAP/Employee Assistance Program

Life can provide challenges. Usually people can work them out, but sometimes the problems are too much to be handled alone. They begin to affect personal happiness, family relationships and good health. Often, they spill over into work and affect job performance. Without proper help, these issues can become worse and result in tardiness, absenteeism, accidents, medical expenses and even loss of job. New Avenues helps thousands of people each year to cope and find solutions for life’s problems through Employee Assistance Programs.

Through the New Avenues EAP, ECS employees and immediate family members may take advantage of confidential counseling services. To assist ECS employees and their immediate family members, Elkhart Community Schools has pre-paid for 4 face-to-face visits per family member per contract year. There are no additional costs to employees.

  • Employees will have a wide choice of EAP counselors conveniently located in offices near their homes or workplaces. The majority of EAP affiliated counselors participate with our health plan, so if additional services are needed, there is smooth continuity of care. EAP visits are completely confidential.
  • New Avenues provides referral assistance with specialized financial counselors for help with budgeting, credit card, or debt management problems.
  • Online Work-Life Program: New Avenues also offers a wealth of information online through their web site at www.NewAvenuesOnline.com. ECS employees will have access to online counseling through eSession CONNECT, read articles on family life, health and wellness, take free and confidential health assessments, access Web MD™, download simple legal templates, make decisions with financial calculators, save household money through coupons on the consumer savings center – all at no cost to employees. Check out the Work-Life Resource Center, password: EAP.
  • Employees will also have access to Structured Telephonic Counseling (STC), where they may speak directly with a counselor no matter where they are, 24/7. Call 855-492-3625 to access this feature.

The New Avenues Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to help with a wide range of concerns, such as stress, anxiety, relationship concerns and drug and alcohol use. Starting the process is easy, just a toll free telephone call away: 800-731-6501. EAP services are completely confidential and free to ECS employees. Please see additional information below.


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