Teacher Licensure Information

The Personnel Department is committed to ensuring that each Elkhart Community Schools Certified Teacher is highly qualified and appropriately certified. We will provide all teachers with consistent reminders related to obtaining Indiana licensure as a first year teacher or as a teacher from another state. We will also provide timely and consistent reminders related to license renewals. Be aware that maintaining a current and appropriate license for the area in which you teach is of the utmost importance. Also be reminded that even though the Personnel Department will provide all the support possible, it is the teacher’s ultimate responsibility to maintain appropriate licensure.

Indiana Teacher License Application

  • General Licensure Information
    • The State of Indiana requires that teachers employed by Indiana school corporations be properly certified by the Indiana Professional Standards Board. In addition, Elkhart Community Schools specifically requires that teachers maintain certification in all areas of endorsement. A teacher who fails to comply with this requirement forfeits all right to continued employment.  Teachers renewing licenses must first establish an account and renew online.
  • Initial Teacher’s License Information
    • Application is made for an initial teacher’s license through the university that gave the student teaching assignment. The teacher must have completed his/her college coursework and successfully passed the national PPST exams. For more information on the PPST exams (including scheduling and test dates), visit the following web site: http://www.ets.org/praxis/.
  • Reciprocal Teacher’s License Information
    • In addition to the items that must accompany all teachers’ license applications, the teacher requesting a reciprocal license must send a copy of his/her out-of-state license. If the teacher graduated from an out-of-state institution of higher learning, an NCATE form (completed by the college) must also be included with the application. That form can be obtained here: http://doe.in.gov/educatorlicensing.
  • Renewal Teacher’s License Information
    • In addition to taking college courses, Indiana now approves Professional Growth Points for license material. Follow the link below to find the necessary information for this option. Professional Growth Plan
  • Emergency Teaching Permit (Limited License) Information
    • In rare instances, the Elkhart Community Schools will hire a teacher who does not yet qualify for a regular teacher’s license in the teaching field required. Emergency permits are good for only one school year and can be obtained only in critical shortage areas. The following rules apply:
      1. The teacher must have a Bachelors degree.
      2. The teacher must have 15 college credits in the shortage area.
      3. The teacher must take 6 credit hours per year toward certification in the shortage area.
      4. The teacher must be able to receive the standard endorsement within three years.
      5. The Personnel Department applies for the Emergency Permit only after the teacher has been hired.