ECS Wireless Network Info

ECS is pleased to offer access to its district-wide wireless network to staff and guests within the bounds of board policy and the guidelines set forth herein. This is a network limited to the educational purposes of the school district, and is offered on an as-is/as-available basis. The Terms and Conditions of the use of that network are found here.

  • Who May Connect?
    • At this point, access is limited to employees and students with credentials (your normal username and password) and adults who might be guests serving the educational needs of our students.
    • The ECS-Guest wireless network is now a Sponsored guest network.  If you have a guest that needs access, please see your building secretary.


  • What Devices Can I Use?
    • An employee or student connecting to the network can connect up to two personal devices using their standard username and password. Once you go through the connection process once, your device will remember how to connect to the network and there will be no need to repeat that process.


  • What Will I Have Access To?
    • To ensure the security of the district’s resources and data, please note that no access to internal resources (printers, files storage, software systems) will be available on the “BYOD” (“Bring Your Own Device”) part of the network, other than those normally available via the Internet.


  • What If I Need Help?
    • Unfortunately, the district does not have the resources to provide live technical support for individuals who are unable to connect their personal devices to the network. However, you will find above some connection guides for popular device operating systems.
  • Anything Else?
    • Just remember that the ECS wireless network is filtered in accordance with federal law, and that the use of that network, whether it be from a school-owned device or a personal device, is governed by all applicable school policies.