Elkhart Community Schools is committed to engaging all stakeholders – parents/guardians, students, community members, local business & industry, and school personnel – in a transparent process where ideas can be submitted, shared, ranked, evaluated, discussed, and acted upon. The district utilizes a platform called “Thoughtexchange” to facilitate these conversations. 

Thoughtexchange is a platform that provides our stakeholders with an opportunity to anonymously submit their ideas (in less than 300 characters per idea). Depending on the specific goal of the active Thoughtexchange, we may as for some demographic information to ensure we’re addressing any needs that are specific to a group of stakeholders.

After submitting an idea, the next screen offers the opportunity to review others’ submitted ideas and rank them on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Once the stakeholder has rated some thoughts, they are able to see a summary of all of the thoughts and how they are stacking up.

There are currently no open ThoughtExchanges. Please check back regularly!