Band & Orchestra Try-Outs

This year, due to the COVID 19 restriction, the ECS Beginning Band and Orchestra Try-outs will look a little different.  Any student presently in Grade 5 or 6 will have the opportunity to try out instruments at the Elkhart Community School’s Instrumental Music try-outs in April! 

Watch the Introductory video below to see how YOU can become a member of next year’s EXCITING Beginning Band or Orchestra!


The following steps will help you navigate the sign-up process:

  1. Choosing an instrument.
    Click HERE to view videos of each instrument, you should select three you would like to try!Group of students with instruments
  2. Registration Form
    • Please select the band or orchestra links below to sign up!
  3. Try-Out Sessions will be scheduled in advance. Please select the band or orchestra appointment buttons below to register for your date and time.
    • Dates for this year’s Beginning Band and Orchestra Tryouts:
      • For more information on how to sign your child up for band and orchestra please contact the middle school.
  4. Summer Beginning Band & Orchestra Classes:
      • Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information on the program!


Band try-out graphic
Band Try-Out Appointment:
Select this link to choose your three favorite band instruments and sign up for Band try-Outs at North Side Gym.

Orchestra Try-Out Graphic

Orchestra Try-Out Appointment:
Select this link to choose your three favorite orchestra instruments and sign up for orchestra try-outs at North Side Cafeteria.

Instrument Rental and Purchase graphic
Instrument Rental & Purchase Options:

Select this link to learn about renting or purchasing an instrument for your student.

FAQ Graphic

Frequently Asked Questions:

Select this link to get some answers to frequently asked questions.

Meet your teacher graphic

Meet your Teacher:
Select this link to learn about your band or orchestra teacher.

Why Learn Music Graphic

Why Learn to Play Music:

Select this link to learn more about the benefits of learning to play music.

Summer beginning Band and Orchestra classes:

Once you have participated in band or orchestra try-outs and have decided on what instrument you want to play, we welcome you to join us for the beginning band and orchestra classes this summer!

Elkhart Community Schools will provide a summer instruction program designed to adequately introduce your child to their instrument in a group session before the start of school. The dates of this year’s summer music program will be July 6th-30th.  The summer program is highly recommended for participation in Beginning Band or Orchestra.  During the summer, students begin in small group lessons, by instrument, for an hour of instruction each day.  We have found that the students who participate in the summer program are much better prepared when the full group meets for the first time in September.

Dates: July 6 – 30

$75 ($15 for students who are approved for free and reduced lunches)

  • 8:00: Flutes/Oboe & Trumpets; Violin
  • 9:00: Clarinets & Horns; Viola
  • 10:00: Sax & Trombone; Cello & Bass
  • 11:00: Percussion, Baritone & Tuba; Violin
  • 1:00: WW & Brass; Violin & Viola
  • 2:00: WW & Brass; Cello & Bass