Annual Back-to-School Check-in

ABC: Annual Back-to-School Check-in

To streamline efforts and reduce paper usage, Elkhart Community Schools use an Annual Back-to-School Check-in process for parents to review/update contact information for returning students.

Updated information is critical with the current COVID-19 situation in our country. The district will use email to communicate with parents if there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in a school building. Additionally, emergency information, including school closings, will be communicated via phone message and text message. Additionally, annual forms that are required can be reviewed/completed during this process. Parents/guardians are asked to log in to PowerSchool after July 20 to review the contact information on file.
To complete the process:
  1. Log in toPowerSchool –
  2. Click on “ABC: Annual Back-to-School Check-in” on the left menu. Please note: if you are accessing PowerSchool through an internet browser on your phone, the left side menu may collapse on the left side.
  3. Follow the prompts. Be sure to review and approve/decline the required annual forms.
  4. If you have multiple children, this process will need to be completed for every child. To access additional children who are on your account, go to PowerSchool and click the drop-down menu where your child’s name appears.
  5. The PowerSchool app will not work for this specific process. If you try to complete this on a phone, you are more likely to encounter issues. We highly recommend completing this process on a computer or iPad.
The following is a walk-through of the ABC process:

ABC: Annual Back-to-School Check-in Demo

If you have forgotten your password for PowerSchool, click on the “Forgot Username or Password?” option. If you have never signed in to PowerSchool, please watch for a letter from the district at the end of July or contact our support line at 574-262-5858.