Homebound Services

  • Homebound education services are available to students who are unable to attend school for at least 20 school days, due to medical conditions or needs. These services need to be requested through submission of a Homebound Services Request form, available in the Student Services Department, J. C. Rice Educational Services Center, 2720 California Road, as completed by the student’s parent(s) and attending physician.
  • In Indiana, elementary students are eligible for up to five (5) hours of homebound instruction a week. Hour restrictions are less stringent for secondary students, but the number of course offerings is generally limited to two. Laboratory (i.e., science), activity-based (i.e., physical education), and group-based (i.e., choir) classes are not available through homebound services.
  • For information about Homebound Services, contact Student Services at 574-262-5540.
  • Homebound student enrollment form
  • Student enrollment medical request form
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