• The State of Indiana requires compulsory school attendance for children from age 7 until age 18. In addition to public schools and private schools, the state recognizes home schools. In Indiana, home schools are nonpublic, non-accredited schools. The parent, not the state, legally establishes the school. No state or public school permission is required. The law requires that home educators must provide an equivalent education to that of the public school, including teaching a minimum of 180 days per year. Parents may register to home school by completing paperwork in the Student Services Department or by registering with the Indiana Department of Education.
  • With permission, home school students may be permitted to participate in curricular offerings of the school district, but not in extracurricular activities. Parent(s)/guardian(s) seeking such permission need to initiate the request by contacting the Director of Student Services at 574-262-5540.
  • The district determines the grade placement and awarding of credit (for high school students) when a student enters the school system from a home school. Decisions are based on a variety of presenting information, and may include review of student work samples and other information supplied by the parent(s)/guardian(s), information supplied by home school agencies, use of end-of-course or other individual assessments, and review by principals and department chairpersons. The district requests advance notification when a student is entering from a home school in order to make such decisions and assure a smooth transition.
  • For information about Homeschooling, contact Student Services at 574-262-5540.