Work Permits

  • Elkhart Community Schools believes that the primary job of students is to focus on their education and graduate from high school. However, if a student and parent(s) agree that a work experience would be a positive, rather than negative, influence on their education, then as directed by the Indiana Bureau of Child Labor, Elkhart Community Schools issues work permits to students, ages 14 – 17, who are eligible for employment.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to find a job and then to submit a completed Intention to Employ Card (these cards are available at all secondary schools, in the Student Services Department, and in the offices of some employers, especially those who frequently employ students). The employer, the parent or legal guardian of the student, and the student must sign this card. The student needs to present the card in person in the Student Services office to receive and sign the work permit.
  • Depending upon the student’s age, Indiana’s child labor law provides restrictions regarding a student’s work duties and work hours. An Indiana student is to receive the work permit in the school system he/she attends. A teenager who is not attending school can seek the work permit in the district where he/she resides, but needs to provide proof of age. Michigan students working in Indiana need to have an Indiana work permit, and the permit is to be issued by the school system in which the business is located.